Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Before you buy a floating mat, learn about the major differences.


  • Compare the Anchor-One of the biggest complains is anchors getting pulled out, which end up ripping the foam

  • Compare the quality of the foam, is it too soft and not dense enough to not rip easily?

  • Is the logo all over the mat?  They have to use plastic laminated to the foam to have graphics all over the mat.  The sun can break down this plastic and can cause a rough surface

  • Is the foam smooth so it won't rough up the skin?

  • Is it USA made?

  • Does it have enough UV protection that the color won't fade immediately?

  • Most importantly, is look at the product closely...all of us that manufacture can promote the strengths of our own products.  However, the naked eye can see the differences and you can make a decision based on your own judgement.

If you do not live close to a dealer that you can compare the products, we are happy to send you a small sample of our foam for you to compare.

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